Pa' Frida 3D Printed Interactive Installation

Pa' Frida, 3D Printed Interactive Installation 
What does it feel like to make and break an icon? Why would we the viewers love someone so much that we ultimately end up breaking the icon? This interactive installation creates a simulated atmosphere where Frida Kahlo, the unwittingly icon is 3d printed into parts that can be assembled & disassembled by participants on the wall. 
The Kahlo bust, flower pieces. and 3 corners of the frame are 3D printed in various materials in both solid & clear colors. Each part is connected to clear panel that can be screwed onto the wall using standoffs. 
The wall itself will be hand painted to create different state of mood. 
Each participant is permitted to arrange and appropriate the pattern of the parts on the wall to his/her heart's content...In a way isn't this how we treat our icons anyways? Personalize & customize icon at a whim. 
And we break it when we are bored of it. 

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