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Licensing FAQ

Hello there! 

If you are interested to license my art to be used on your products, brand visuals, or other publication & distribution purposes, there are 3 ways to work with me:

1. Direct Collaboration: Please contact to request my most up-to-date personal licensing portfolio. Anything you see in it will be licensed directly by me. 

2. Through My Licensing agents: 
I'm represented by 2 US based licensing agencies - Galaxy Of Graphics Ltd. and Rights International Group. Each agency has it's own distinct portfolio by me, feel free to contact them directly by simply asking to see Stella Chang's catalogue, or I can introduce you to them.  

3. Through my Fine Arts Publishers: I have partnership with esteemed fine art publishers Rosenstiels in UK and in USA. Reach out directly to request my portfolio from each publisher, or I can introduce you.   

Artwork from Rosenstiels: