Norma Jeane III - Making An Icon, Breaking An Icon

Who Do You See in the Dark, Norma Jeane? Marilyn Monroe?
A 3D printed Art Installation with LED Light.
Interactive installation with LED lights inside a darkroom. As the "maker" you are permitted to arrange and re-arrange 3D printed flowers inside Norma Jeane III. 
Can you see Norma Jeane? Can you See Marilyn Monroe?
Making An Icon: 3D printed clear vero with LED lights.
Size 11"L x 5" D x 6.5" H
Breaking An Icon: 3D printed clear vero with smashed up visage and LED lights. Size: 11"L x 5" D x 6.5" H
Top view: 3D printed flowers that can be individually arranged. 
Artist - Stella Chang
3D Modelers - Stella Chang & Declan Hennessey
3D Printers: NYU LaGuardia Studio + Self- Printer

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