Urban Flora Installation

Ever since I was a little girl I never understood why I could only see an artwork but never touch or play WITH it. As an adult it has become my raison d'etre to create an artwork that welcomes tactility and play. 
Urban Flora is thus conceived as an assembling and disassembling 3D printed installation in glass for viewers to actively participate and piece together. 
Making An Icon
The idea is to 3D print a life size Marilyn Monroe with numerous key holes designed throughout her body.
She will be suspended with transparent fishing wire from the ceiling, together with individual flower pedals suspended artfully around her. 
Marilyn Monroe is chosen because she symbolizes the making of an icon that our culture seems to be obsessed with and specialized to do
 3D printed flower to be inserted individually by viewers into whichever key hole they desire. 
Individual glass flower will be set aside for viewers to insert into key holes designed into Marilyn Monroe, creating a final installation that will be constantly changing depending on public collaboration. 
Most importantly, when you play, you are touching and adding another layer of sensory experience to your brain, forming new perception of the object by extended cognition through tactility and external tools a.k.a the glass flowers. 
Material: 3D printed glass
Size: Life-size
Many people ask me why 3D print this installation in glass when it's going to break apart, and my response is precisely because it's going to break apart, hence perpetuating the sad truth of how we always seem to end up breaking an Icon after making it. It is my goal to smash this installation to bits with a baseball bat at the end of the show. 
Stella Chang - Artist
Erol Gunduz - 3D Technical Advisor
Programs: Zbrush, Photoshop

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