What is pain to you? 
To me it is something that has never left me since I turned 11. Since my grandmother died, my father left, and I began a nomadic existence moving from place to place every 4 years. Never making friends and always the stranger looking in, the odd kid out who speaks a different language and comes with foreign social norms. 
Pain is also physical when you experience it 24/7 in your body that refuses to go away, no matter how much pills you pump into it. At one point you learn to live with it and wax poetry about it. Equating it to Greek tragedy so that in the very least, one can cope by giving it purpose to make sense of it all. 
Dukkha, or suffering in Sanskrit is a conceptual print series that explores the concept of pain from 3 angles: personal, spiritual, and social.
This is a on-going series since pain and suffering never end. 

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