How To Commission

If this is your first time commissioning an artist, please consider below:

• Provide  reference photos (if any) that resemble what you have in mind. Trust me, artists are not mind readers and I totally get how difficult it can be to describe something so just google some reference images to help facilitate the communication.

• If you know what size or style you want, please let me know.

• If you know what color palette you like please share with me. If you have no idea what you like then let's reverse engineer and tell the me what colors you absolutely DON'T want.

• If you have an idea of the composition such as full frontal view, 3/4 view or full bust vs. full body just let me know.

In the end, always have an open mind and trust your artist in what he/she can do. Know that unless you are asking for a digitally rendered artwork, everything is painted by hand and any changes will require the artist to repaint. Thank you and any questions just contact me. 


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