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iNorma Jeane

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Dive into the ever-evolving perception of beauty with my latest mixed media painting, iNorma Jeane. This artwork fuses my own algorithmic illustrations with the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe, transitioning from traditional cherubic flesh tones to sleek, linear abstraction. 

Through this piece, I reflect on how technology and coding are reshaping our beauty ideals, suggesting a future where digital and abstract aesthetics reign supreme. Join me in exploring how our perceptions of identity and reality are constantly shifting


• Mixed media printed on silver matte aluminum metal sheet.

• Limited edition of 10 and each comes with a signed certificate via email.

• Size: 16" W x 1/8" D x 16" H

• It is unframed and comes with a hanging device on the backside.

• Back stamp on back side confirming the edition number you just purchased.

• This is Print On Demand, please give me 7-14 business days to ship to you. Tracking number will be provided once it's shipped.