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One Shot To My Heart

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One Shot To Your Heart is a watercolor and alcohol ink self portrait of the 9 years old me that delves into the profound theme of Static Motion, encapsulating the haunting emotional trauma endured by countless children worldwide at the hands of their own parents. The title itself hints at a single impactful moment that reverberates throughout a lifetime, leaving lasting scars that remain suspended in the relentless stillness of static motion.

As the artwork explores the depth of emotional wounds, it unveils the paradox of arrested growth – a poignant representation of individuals who, even as adults, find themselves unable to transcend the static moment of their abuse. The suspended motion within the painting mirrors the internal struggle of those who, despite the passage of time, are unable to break free from the clutches of their painful past.

Some parents eat their young.

Full length Youtube Video watch here


  • Original Media: Watercolor and alcohol ink 
  • Artwork Size: 8.5 x 11 in
  • Painting is UV treated and hand signed by artist
  • Comes with silver wood frame with hanging wire

All Rights Reserved with the artist and all sales are final. 

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