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Synesthetes - Darkroom II

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Cracked and plastered, when the standard of beauty is manipulated to such a point that it exists purely in the fantasy will find women like an old master in the darkroom, layering on mountains of filters to alter her own image to look like a synesthetic stereotype, until everything starts to crack. A beautifully eerie multi-sensory experience.

This is a print on demand piece so please give me 7-14 business days to ship to you. Tracking number will be provided once it's shipped.


• This is a set with Darkroom II metal art print under the Synesthetes series.

• Sublimation dye printing on gallery grade aluminum metal.

• Limited edition of 7 and each comes with a signed certificate and hanging wire.

• Size: 20" W x 1/8" D x 20" H

• Back stamp with edition number printed on metal print back side. If you choose, I can also add your name to the back stamp to show ownership. Please spell your name correctly at the Checkout message box.