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Experience unfiltered perception with UnGlitched. Painted in watercolor and alcohol ink on 26" x 20" H Yupo paper, this piece invites you to engage with subjects stripped of labels and biases.

In "UnGlitched," you are invited to engage with the subjects with mindfulness, shedding the layers of filtration and labels that obscure our perception. Through delicate brushwork and ethereal washes, the painting unveils the reality of our subjects: they are reflections of ourselves, bearing the same humanity with desires, fears, and aspirations akin to our own.

Created in response to Glitched but unlike its counterpart, UnGlitched features only two faces, symbolizing the absence of the third face projected onto the canvas by the observer, us. Capturing the essence of unfiltered perception, emphasizing the intimate connection between observer and subject; it is a gentle reminder that our interpretations are not inherent truths, but rather reflections of our own projections.

UnGlitched unveils the shared humanity of its subjects, prompting reflection on empathy and self-awareness. A reminder of the beauty found in unfiltered reality.


  • Original Media: Watercolor and alcohol ink on Yupo paper
  • Paper Size: 26 x 20 H in 
  • UV treated and hand signed by artist, will be shipped unframed
  • Colors may be slightly off due to different monitor calibration 

All Rights Reserved with the artist and all sales are final. 

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